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  • 01. Fake Empire - 3:25
  • 02. Mistaken for Strangers - 3:30
  • 03. Brainy - 3:18
  • 04. Squalor Victoria - 2:59
  • 05. Green Gloves - 3:39
  • 06. Slow Show - 4:08
  • 07. Apartment Story" - 3:32
  • 08. Start a War - 3:16
  • 09. Guest Room - 3:18
  • 10. Racing Like a Pro - 3:24
  • 11. Ada - 4:03
  • 12. Gospel - 4:29


Beggars Banquet Records BBQ-252-2 / BBQ-252-1
Released 22 May 2007

Recorded and mixed by Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios, Bridgeport, CT second engineer: Greg Giorgio | Assistants: Nathan Curry, Cory Foley-Marsell, Home recording by The National and Brandon Reid in Brooklyn, NY and White Sulphur Springs, WV, Additional recording by Greg Giorgio, Josh Clark at the Seaside Lounge and Bennett Paster at Benny's Wash n' Dry, Brooklyn, NY, Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Kevorkian Mastering, New York, NY

Produced by Peter Katis and The National
Additional production by Aaron Dessner

The National: Matt Berninger, Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner, Bryan Devendorf, Scott Devendorf

Orchestration by Padma Newsome Additional arrangements by Bryce and Aaron Dessner Lyrics for Ada, Brainy and Gospel written by Matt Berninger and Carin Besser

Additional musicians: Tim Albright (Trombone), Thomas Bartlett (keyboards), Carin Besser (Vocals), CJ Camerieri (Trumpet), Rachael Elliott (Bassoon), Pauline de Lassus (vocals), Marla Hansen (Vocals), Ha-Yang Kim (Cello), Padma Newsome (Viola, Violin, Organ), Sara Phillips (Clarinet), Alex Sopp (Flute), Sufjan Stevens (Piano: "Racing Like A Pro", "Ada"), Jeb Wallace (French Horn)

Management: Dawn Barger for Big Hassle Legal: Gillian Malken for Carroll, Guido and Groffman
Design: Distant Station Ltd Cover photograph: Abbey Drucker / Interior photographs: Clara Claus

Thanks to our families and friends, James Alderman, Dawn Barger, Thomas Bartlett, Birgit Baldauf, Johnny Beach, Augusta Beresford, Carin Besser, Jen Besser, Alec Bemis, Tom Berninger, Marc Borkan, Mike Brewer, Mauricio Carey, John Carlin, Clara Claus and the Claus Family, Marshall Curry, Jessica Dessner, Elizabeth Devendorf, Matt Douglas, Tom Duvall, Ben Famiglietti, Kevin French, Hannah Gould, Paul Heck, Rachel, Mark, Elizabeth and Clara Hopkins, Luke Hughett, Karl Jensen, Nathalie Jonas, Yula Kapetanakos, Tarquin Katis, Tom Katis, Josh Kaufman, Pauline de Lassus, Gillian Malken, Colleen Maloney, Martin Mills, Richard Reed Parry, Rehab, Brandon Reid, Yun Rhee, Ann Risen, Jane Rosch, Jeff Salem, Mathieu Saura, Liz Sliclen, Sarah Smith, John Solimine, Ole Sondresen, Sufjan Stevens, Roger Trust, Seth Unger, Jack Vees, Greg Vegas, Ben Verdery, Euvin Weeber

Special thanks to everyone at Beggars Banquet

All songs written by The National (ASCAP). Copyright 2007 Beggars Banquet Records Ltd. The copyright of this sound recording is owned by Beggars Banquet Records Ltd. All rights reserved.